Latest News:

I am currently appearing in Jake Shore's new play Damascus Christopany. It runs every Saturday in August at 2pm. Click here for tickets.  

I just shot my first part in a feature film--Kellen Moore's directorial debut Looks That Kill, starring Brandon Flynn, Ki Hong Lee, Julia Goldani Telles, and Peter Scolari. Produced by American High. 


About Me

Tim Simon is an Actor and Improviser based out of Brooklyn, NY. He is one half of the improv/sketch duo She & Tim. He is currently appearing in Jake Shore's Damascus Christophany at Under St. Marks. Upcoming film credits include American High's Looks That Kill directed by Kellen Moore.  He appeared in the Investigation Discovery mini-series Horror at the Cecil Hotel, based on the Elisa Lam case. He recently starred in a music video directed by Kris Merc for Chris Orrick's "Your Ambition." His improv team Picture Day was 3x champions of Indie Cage Match at UCB East and performed at Cage Match at UCB Chelsea.  He holds a BFA in Acting from Syracuse University.