Chris Orrick - "Your Ambition" Music Video

I starred in the music video for Chris Orrick's "Your Ambition". It was directed by Kris Merc, who is absolutely brilliant and was such a joy to work with. Click on the image to check out the video.

Horror at the Cecil Hotel

I had a leading role in an episode of Horror at the Cecil Hotel, a special event series for Investigation Discovery. I played Dan Hurley, the hotel clerk at the Cecil Hotel. Our episode is focused on the infamous Elisa Lam murder. Click on the screenshot for a link to the episode



TWIMs is a web series of which I am the Co-Creator, Co-Writer, and Star. I created it and write it with my brother, filmmaker Matt Simon. It is about the lives, loves, losses, and larks of Tim, a ruthless actor with no skills and endless confidence, and the ghost of Tim's unborn twin, which haunts him for no reason. 

TWIMs Season One Playlist

TWIMs Season Two Playlist 

She & Tim

I perform improv/make short films with comedian Jesse Roth as the comedy duo She & Tim. Below are a couple of our videos, with more to come. For info on our improv shows and videos, check out our Facebook page

The Post 2

We were asked to film a sequel to The Post. Here's the trailer. 


The Burrito

A redemptive tale of gluttony and violence. 


The Trumpet

Our love letter to jazz. 

Of Happiness

Originally premiered at Quickie Fest III


A two-episode comedic web series I starred in. Written & Directed by Nick Ferreiro

Episode 1

Episode 2

Pity Applause

Here is an episode of Pity Applause that I guest-starred in. The show is a hybrid web-series/live improv show.